Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting too old for this

I have always been a night shifter! I love everything about the night shift. I have, however, begun to notice that the night shift is for younger people. Now I realize that 31 is not old but I can't seem to keep up like I used to. Maybe it is age, maybe it is motherhood and full time job. Who knows. I love working with my special girl but I am glad it is only two times a month.

Speaking of getting older. I had a phone call the other day from my long lost friend Marti. We had some good times didn't we girl? I won't post most of those times because this is a family blog (plus if it is in print then we have proof - we don't need proof out there). I miss her dearly. We were discussing old times and old friends and how you can't really go back. That is too bad. Even if it were for one day. It would feel odd. I think it is called growing up!

Not much on the agenda today. I am still at work (8:30 am). I plan on sleeping today and then working on cards. I want to get them all done today (10 more). I also want to make 5 note cards for my friend Bev (keep her in your prayers for good health), a new baby card for Kim and Noelle, and work on VLF 2 page challenge. I bet I don't get half of it done! LOL.

Caio all.


Gaspegirl said...

I hear ya about the feeling old thing... at 32 sometimes I wonder when I became old?! I think it happened after the second child, or maybe the third - all I know for sure is that it DID happen :S It is ok though, I will take it ;)

TanishaRenee said...

You're right, 31 is not old- it's just all of the stuff we load on our plates and try to get accomplished! I'm 33 and sometimes I feel older, somedays younger! Good luck with meeting your goals!

Anonymous said...

31 is not old by any means. I bet one of the reasons you have a hard time staying up all night for your job is because you only do it two times a month. It is hard for your body to readjust. People who work all night all the time, I think, have an easier time with it because their body is semi-adjusted to it.

Noelle said...

Man, 31....that's OLD! :D Just kidding!

Jenny said...

Hey Noelle. You are getting ready to feel old in a few weeks.

Any labor pains yet?

Noelle said...

Nope, no labor pains....or nothing noticeable! :)