Friday, March 21, 2008

Funny Little Guy

Cole had a visit from the Easter Bunny at school yesterday. He proceeded to tell us it was not the real EB it was just some person in a costume! Cole (in a whisper): the real EB is small and drives a sleigh! Too funny. What an imagination that kiddo has.

I have been a bad blogger the last few days. Very tired. My funny for the day happend on the way to work today. I dumped a whole full cup of diet coke into my lap in the van. Don't worry the mini seats didn't get wet. My clothes (and underwear) soaked most of it up. Good thing I was only a mile down the road. I turned around and changed and was only 15 m late.

I did get to scrap tonight. I still need to make a Welcome Home / Thank You card for my online friend's hubby. He comes home from Iraq this weekend! Thank you BDD!

Here is tonight's fun. Now off to dye eggs. Happy Easter Everyone.


Noelle said...

Maybe you need a seat protector for you instead of Cole!

We enjoyed Cole's version of the Easter Bunny! :) Too cute!

Jenny said...

Or I need a diaper bag! With a change of clothes!