Monday, March 3, 2008


It is raining bucket here. Next thing you know we will be pumping out the basement. At this point this winter though I will take rain. We have had around 55 inches of snow this winter so bring on the rain. We headed up to Fox Valley yesterday to go baby shopping for Noelle and Jeff. Cole has a bad habit of filling carts with things he is "sure we need". Baby Ernie and Baby Lucas are going to be so lucky to have a cousin like him. He was filling the cart with baby and Easter presents. I am sure half were for him however :). We did make it to a scrapbooking store. I am making Easter cards and needed supplies. Cole was also filling the basket there. We got to the car and I was going through my bag of goodies and found a very $$$ Easter stamp. I didn't know it was in there and Steve didn't know any better and paid for it. Be prepared to see Easter eggs on all my Layouts for the next year. BTW enjoy the music? Cole and I have a good old time picking songs to go on the blog. Can you guess which are his and which are mine? Have a great day all.

pics of Cole cooking and Cole's latest art project.

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Noelle said...

Glad that Cole's looking after Ernie being spoiled! :) What a great "big cousin" he is! :)