Thursday, February 28, 2008

ABC Blog Challenge

We were challenged to make an alphabetical list of things we love. Here is my attempt.

a - America
b - Books
c - Cole
d - Diet Coke
e - Excitement (as in my job and roller coasters)
f - Fishing
g - Grandmas
h - Hamburger Helper (but Steve won't eat it so I have not had it in 11 years!)
i - Ice Cream (duh)
j - Jeff and Jon
k -
l - lemon slushy from Sonic (we don't have those around here either)
m - mushroom hunting
n - Night shift (less administration to deal with)
o - Opals
p - paper (I have a little scrapbook paper problem)
q - quiet little boys (anyone got one to spare)
r - roller skating (probably break a hip now)
s - Scrapbooking (another duh) oh and Steve
t - Travel
u - Upside Down Show (on Playhouse Disney - very creative)
v - Violets (Is it ever going to be Spring?)
w - Weight Watchers
x -
y -

I will have to come up with these others later. Any suggestions.


Noelle said...

My little boy is quiet RIGHT NOW! :) However, in about 6/7 weeks, I'm sure yours might be quieter than mine! :)

Jenny said...

no your will sleep most of the time. you will want to wake him up. Then around month 2 he will be up and you will want to put him back to sleep. Good luck with all that.